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Merapi eruption (Indonesia)

Submitted by Claire on Sat, 11/06/2010 - 21:30

Activity at Merapi volcano declined through November 2010 and a fieldtrip by our team in early December 2010 found that ash had been rapidly removed from the environment by heavy rainfall. Nevertheless, we have carried out a study of the ashfall and a report will be posted on the IVHHN website soon.

Posted: 2 Mar. 2011 10.30GMT.



1) PANDUAN PENCEGAHAN TERHADAP HUJAN ABU GUNUNGAPI: SEBELUM, SELAMA DAN SESUDAH HUJAN ABU (Preparedness before, during and after ashfall). Download pamflet disini. Download versi teks disini.

2) BAHAYA ABU GUNUNGAPI TERHADAP KESEHATAN, PEDOMAN UNTUK UMUM (The health hazards of volcanic ash: a guide for the public). Download pamflet disini.  Download versi teks disini.

Untuk versi cetak silahkan download file resolusi tinggi dari halaman Pamflet kami. Silahkan download pamflet, cetak secara lokal dan bagikan kepada penduduk setempat.

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