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Iceland eruption information

Submitted by Claire on Fri, 04/30/2010 - 22:08

The UK Health Protection Agency have released a statement on the health hazard which can be viewed on their website. Please also see the health advice from Health Protection Scotland at:www.hps.scot.nhs.uk/news/spdetail.aspx


Help the scientists...

We are trying to collect UK ashfall for analysis. If you have had some ashfall and would be willing to collect it and send it to us we would be very grateful. The ash must have fallen on a clean surface, such as a car rooftop which had recently been washed. Please click on the following link to see Guidelines for ashfall collection and then Contact Us for further information


More information ...

The pamphlets available on this website are designed for distribution during major ashfall events. The health advice should, therefore, be read with caution. The Preparedness for Ashfall pamphlet may be used for information on how to protect and clean equipment which might be affected by ash (e.g. cars and electical devices).


Protocol for bulk ash analysis

Scientists: If you have bulk ash samples that you want to analyse for the assessment of health hazard, please download the Protocol for analysis (also found on our Guidelines and databases page). The references cited are given in full on our Library page (under the Resources tab) where you can also see the full library of volcanic health literature. Please note, method summaries are not currently available but can be found in the cited references.