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IVHHN is pleased to announce publication of guidelines on techniques for analysing the grain size of volcanic ash samples. These will shortly also be available in Japanese and Spanish. These Guidelines for Grain-Size Distribution Analysis can be found through the Guidelines and Databases index page.

Posted: 29/06/05


You can now read all of the website and guidelines in Japanese and two of the most-relevant guideline documents in Spanish. We hope to have more translations for you soon.

Posted: 23/06/05


IVHHN is pleased to announce publication of two sets of guidelines for volcanic ash management. The first, Ash Sample Collection Procedures, is aimed at scientists to ensure that collection of samples is standardised. This follows a call for health-related analysis of volcanic ash to be better constrained among different laboratories. The second guideline document, Recommended Dust Masks is for Emergency Managers and the Public. This document gives information on suitable masks for protection from volcanic ash, together with health standards and recommended suppliers. The guidelines were written by a panel of IVHHN Expert Members and have been peer-reviewed and ratified by IAVCEI.

Posted: 01/06/05


IVHHN is pleased to announce publication of a database on ash leachate studies, together with recommendations for leachate methodologies. The Database has been written by Dr Claire Witham and has been peer-reviewed as part of a JVGR publication. You can reach the Leachate Database by clicking on "Guidelines & Databases" in the left hand column.

Posted: 23/02/05


At IVHHN's first workshop, the difficulty of setting guidelines for safe exposure to volcanic gases was discussed. The main obstacle was thought to be the lack of information on similar guidelines around the world. Dr Claire Witham (Met Office, UK, formerly University of Cambridge) has written detailed guidelines for different volcanic gases, including not only world-wide occupational and ambient exposure guidelines, but also known health effects, and previous incidents. The guidelines can be reached by clicking on "Guidelines & Databases" in the left hand column or by downloading here as a PDF. IVHHN is extremely grateful to Claire for all her hard work and to Tamar Elias, USGS, for reviewing these guidelines.

Claire has also written guidelines on leachate analyses for volcanic ash. These have just been published online by JVGR and will be available on this website soon. She has also created a database of volcanic disasters and incidents in the 20th Century giving all known figures on deaths and injury. Again, this database will shortly be available on this website.

Posted: 9/02/05


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Download our pamphlets on preparing for ashfall and on the health hazards of ash. They are designed for mass distribution at the onset of new eruptions. They are now avaiable in English, Japanese, French Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili, Indonesian and Icelandic with Italian versions being available shortly. Please see our Pamphlets page for further infomation.





IVHHN has an article under the Guidelines tab which used to be called 'Recommended Face Masks'. This has now been updated to 'Information on face masks' and is an interim page whilst the Health Interventions in Volcanic Eruptions project investigates which types of respiratory protection are effective in protecting the general population from volcanic ash inhalation. Please note that the translations in Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese have not yet been updated.



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