Professor Ken Donaldson


MRC/University of Edinburgh Centre for Inflammation Research
ELEGI Colt Laboratory
Queen's Medical Research Institute
47 Little France Crescent
EH16 4TJ
Tel 0131 242 6580
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Research Expertise


Ken Donaldson has carried out research into the cellular mechanisms underlying the adverse effects of particles in the lungs for 30 years and has been involved with several toxicological studies of Montserrat volcanic ash. He has acted as consultant to the EU, UK Department of Health and the US Environmental Protection Agency on PM10 research and has been a consultant on silica carcinogenicity to the Industrial Minerals Association of Europe. He has or holds grants from the Medical Research Council, the Health and Safety Executive, EU etc to carry out research into PM10, quartz, asbestos and other particles. He is the Professor of Respiratory Toxicology in the University of Edinburgh, where he co-directs a group of around 12 researchers studying the effects of particles on the lungs and cardiovascular system.


Relevant Publications

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