Dr Bernadette Mae Longo


Associate Professor
Board Certified Advanced Public Health Nurse


Division of Health Sciences

Orvis School of Nursing
University of Nevada Reno
Reno, NV 89557 - USA


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Research Expertise


Dr. Bernadette Longo is a registered nurse and research epidemiologist. Her current work is defining the incidence and risk of specific cardiorespiratory diseases associated with exposure to volcanic air pollution and delineating the public health burden. As a clinician with over 30 year’s of experience, she collaborates with front-line health care workers and public health to identify adverse effects and improve the quality of care to patients and populations. She is the American Nursing Association’s Clean Air Ambassador for the states of Hawaii and Nevada.

Dr. Longo has been working at Kīlauea volcano for over a decade. In 2003, she conducted the first regional air quality study of vog and survey of health effects in the population. This work identified adverse biological responses that ranged from increased upper respiratory reactions to more serious cardiovascular effects and risk factors. Subsequently, she has been instrumental in developing health prevention efforts and health policy for Hawaii’s population. She has served as an expert on volcanic air pollution for the state of California.


Relevant Publications


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