Dr Jean-Pierre Michaud

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Chemistry, Natural Sciences
University of Hawaii at Hilo
200 W Kawili Street
Hilo HI 96720
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Research Expertise


Jean-Pierre Michaud has been working on vog (volcanic fog) and human health since 1999. He has looked at composition, size distribution and abundance of vog aerosols and temporal associations between vog abundance (as SO2 and sub-micron PM mass)and acute changes in lung function (PEF, FEV1), a suite of symptoms and medication usage. Since 1999 he has worked on the acute effects of vog, a project funded by the CDC, following daily lung function and symptoms of asthmatic children episodically exposed to vog. In 2002 adults and children living close to active Hawaiian volcanoes were studied. In 2003, Jean-Pierre's group are carrying out intensive twice-daily health status data collection.

Relevant Publications

Michaud J.P., Krupitsky D., Grove J.S. and Anderson B.S. (2005) ‘Volcano related atmospheric toxicants in Hilo and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; implications for human health’, Neurotoxicology, 26, 555-563.

Michaud, J. P., Grove, J. S. & Krupitsky, D. (2004) 'Emergency department visits and "vog"-related air quality in Hilo, Hawaii’, Environmental Research, 95(1), 11-19.

Chow, J.C., Engelbrecht, J.P., Freeman, N.C.G., Hänninen, O., Hashim, J., Jantunen, M., Michaud, J.P., de Tejada, S.S., Watson, J.G., Wei, F., Wilson, W.E., Yasuno, M., and Zhu, T. (2002) “Chapter one: Exposure Measurements”, Chemosphere, 49(9), 873-901.

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Download our pamphlets on preparing for ashfall and on the health hazards of ash. They are designed for mass distribution at the onset of new eruptions. They are now avaiable in English, Japanese, French Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili, Indonesian and Icelandic with Italian versions being available shortly. Please see our Pamphlets page for further infomation.





IVHHN has an article under the Guidelines tab which used to be called 'Recommended Face Masks'. This has now been updated to 'Information on face masks' and is an interim page whilst the Health Interventions in Volcanic Eruptions project investigates which types of respiratory protection are effective in protecting the general population from volcanic ash inhalation. Please note that the translations in Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese have not yet been updated.



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