Dr Anja Schmidt

Academic Research Fellow


School of Earth and Environment
University of Leeds, LS2 9JT, Leeds, UK


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Research Expertise


Anja is an Academic Research Fellow in the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds. Anja combines expertise in atmospheric science and volcanology to advance the current understanding of volcanic impacts and hazards. In particular, she investigates the impact of volcanism on atmospheric chemistry, climate, air quality, human health, ecosystems and aviation using a wide range of atmospheric models and volcanological datasets. Using an advanced computer model, her research has shown that volcanic gases and airborne particles from future Laki-type Icelandic eruptions could pose a health hazard across Europe, leading to well over 100,000 deaths.. UK Government contingency planning now takes account of the hazards a Laki-type eruption could pose for society.

Anja also works closely with the UK Met Office’s Atmospheric Dispersion group using the NAME dispersion model to, for example, investigate air quality impacts due to volcanic eruptions. She also applies her atmospheric chemistry and aerosol modelling skills to non-volcanic topics in atmospheric and climate sciences.


Relevant Publications



Schmidt, A. (in press): Volcanic gas and aerosol hazards from a future Laki-type eruption in Iceland. In: Elsevier Volume #2 of the Hazards, Disaster & Risks Series: Volcanoes.
Schmidt, A., Ostro, B., Carslaw, K.S., Wilson, M., Thordarson, T., Mann, G.W. and Simmons, A. (2011): Excess mortality in Europe following a future Laki-style Icelandic eruption, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 108, 38, 15710-15715.
Schmidt, A., Carslaw, K.S., Mann, G.W., Wilson, M., Breider, T.J., Pickering, S.J., and Thordarson, T. (2010): The impact of the 1783-1784 AD Laki eruption on global aerosol formation processes and cloud condensation nuclei, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 10, 6025-6041, doi:10.5194/acp-10-6025-2010.




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Download our pamphlets on preparing for ashfall and on the health hazards of ash. They are designed for mass distribution at the onset of new eruptions. They are now avaiable in English, Japanese, French Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili, Indonesian and Icelandic with Italian versions being available shortly. Please see our Pamphlets page for further infomation.





IVHHN has an article under the Guidelines tab which used to be called 'Recommended Face Masks'. This has now been updated to 'Information on face masks' and is an interim page whilst the Health Interventions in Volcanic Eruptions project investigates which types of respiratory protection are effective in protecting the general population from volcanic ash inhalation. Please note that the translations in Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese have not yet been updated.



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